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Business & Regulatory Analyst

Seattle, WA Full Time

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Katerra is redefining the multi trillion-dollar construction industry by bringing tech-centric innovation to architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, supply-chain and customer service. The team is a unique blend of talent from Google, Amazon, and Flextronics along with Construction industry professionals. Katerra’s vision is to make leading edge buildings beautiful, affordable and accessible to everyone in the world. Katerra currently has offices in Menlo Park, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; Seattle, Washington; Shenzhen, China; and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Role Summary

The Business and Regulatory Analyst will research and analyze opportunities and regulations relating to the building industry, focusing on Katerra target markets, and provide advice and guidance regarding potential impacts, limitations, and opportunities, with a specific focus on:

  • Planning and Construction, Operational, and Energy Efficiency restrictions, rebates, incentives, and initiatives
  • International, State, and Municipal Building Codes
  • Health and Safety regulations and standards, including HAZMAT and OSHA

To accomplish this role, the candidate must possess excellent communications skills and exhibit effective cross-functional collaborative abilities. In addition, both creative and critical thinking, as well as, strong qualitative and quantitative skill sets will be required to successfully execute the role and assist Katerra teams.


Provide and track data, perform research and analysis, and collaboratively contribute to design, construction, and materials projects and data sets. Support internal Katerra teams by advising of incentive opportunities and regulatory requirements. Research, execute on, and develop compliance systems for incentives and certification programs.


  • BA/BS, preferably in Construction Management, Business or Environmental Sciences
  • Min. 3 years’ experience in the Construction Industry and/or related regulatory or compliance roles
  • Ability to understand and interpret building industry and environmental regulations as they relate to Katerra projects
  • Excellent demonstrated communication and collaborative skills
  • Motivated and energetic personality, coupled with strong critical and objective thinking
  • Working command of Construction Management techniques and tools, plus familiarity with construction-related materials and methods
  • Highly beneficial
    • JD or equivalent
    • Skilled in Environmental Sciences, specifically Energy Efficiency
    • Experience working with building and architectural plans and CAD tools
    Locations: Seattle, WA or Scottsdale, AZ

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